Adapter Flange

GHU Integral Blast Joint


Gulf Adapter Flange


GHU adapter flange is composed with the flange adapter and the GHU hammer union. Wellhead flange adapters are designed to be installed on to API wellheads and provide a transition between the xmas tree and the well intervention pressure control equipment. It is important to note that, the wellhead flange adapter should always be compatible with the through bore of the wellhead it is being installed on to.


Features of the GHU adapter flange


* The Gulf union adapter flange is made of AISI 4130 Forging

* It is easy to install the adapter flange with union connection to the other wellhead equipmets.

* Reliable quality, conformed with API standard

* The adapter flange can be worked in H2S condition according to NACE MR0175



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